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Vintage Travel Posters (Art Colouring Book)


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Vintage Travel Posters (Art Colouring Book)

A unique selection of charming posters from the birth of passenger travel is offered here, with delightful images of seaside towns, beaches, railway stations, ports and exotic distant locales. With simple colour references you can create your own art masterpieces, frame and send them to family and friends: a peaceful and productive pastime, with beautiful results. Printed on high quality paper, this new book features 45 images for you to colour, offering a suggestion of how the original looked as well as key information such as title and date. This book will take you on an enjoyable journey where the satisfaction of creating stunning artworks is mixed with rediscovering the joy of colouring. You can use a wide variety of pens: from gel and pencil, to pigment and crayons, from ballpoint and rollerball to highlighters, although it’s best to avoid the heavy felt pens. Each page is perforated near the spine of the book, so you can tear out and frame, or simply place your wonderful creation on the walls of your home, perhaps even send them as a gift to your loved ones. Bring the Ink to life
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Paperback, Adult colouring book, 96 pages, 1000 words, 45 illustrations
Dimensions: 254 x 254 x 10 mm