Trigg Life Mapper 2020


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What is Trigg?
The Trigg Life Mapper is an award winning advanced page-a-day diary that guides you towards your most valued goals. It effectively helps you identify then tackle the intentions that will transform your life for the better.
Trigg fuses the principles of planning, productivity, habit, mindfulness and gratitude to provide a daily, weekly and annual framework that will ensure you work less, get more done and constantly strive towards meaningful targets.

Why Trigg Now?
Everyone in the modern age is overwhelmed with work, pressure, information and distractions. Your Trigg Life Mapper is designed to filter out the ‘busy’ work whilst ensuring your recognise the key goals that really matter to you, and crucially, ensure you stick with them to fruition.

Trigg has been designed for anyone who values the power of a daily diary but has a life that needs compartmentalising and guiding structures.
It is a companion to help introduce the powerful culture and philosophy of productivity and work place mindfulness that has risen over the last five years in America to affect nearly every worker. This culture is now hitting the UK shores and Trigg is the only UK stationery product to fully embrace this revolution.

WINNER BEST NEW PRODUCT London Stationer Show 2017

WINNER BEST DIARY UK Calendar Awards 2017

Changes and new features in the 2020 Trigg
Outwardly almost identical as the 2019 version
» Page count reduced
» Change in cover debossing position

» Monthly planner page replacing the weekly
planner page
» Quotes and wisdom refreshed
How does it work?
Trigg has a range of 10 innovative structures that will elevate the quality of your life, deliver perspective, induce greater gratitude and reduce procrastination.
» Annual Forecast’ section to outline your key targets
» A ‘Personal Manifesto’ to visualise and amplify your core desires and behaviours
» A monthly planner page to verbalise the most important aims before your week starts
» A daily productivity grid to compartmentalise the urgent, long term vital from the irrelevant
» A weekly gratitude section to ensure you value and revel in the week’s highlights
» A weekly reflection section to ensure you learn and evolve from all successes AND failures
» A daily inspirational quote themed around productivity, mindfulness, habit or gratitude
» A weekly ‘call to action Trigg Point’ that ensures you check in with your dreams and progress
» A six month review section to check in with your goals
» A final annual review section to holistically assess your year on highs, lows and lessons Specifications

» A5: 210mm x 148mm
» 90 GSM ivory paper
» Hard cover with debossed
text and image
» 366 pages section sewn
» Elastic strap and ribbon bookmark