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Maped Color’peps ‘My First’ Jumbo Coloured Pencils


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A pack of 12 bright pencil crayons.

Soft, resistant lead gives even coverage.

Pencil crayons have a larger than average diameter and are triangular for better grip.

Suitable for children age 2 and up.

These are also ideal for children with motor issues as they are easy to hold and make a mark on the paper with.

One of our customers recently commented:

” I didn’t realise that the colour peps come with colour names printed on them. What a wonderful idea! My son is severely colour blind and I normally have to label everything for him. Now I don’t!”

Colours are: Dark Black, Woody Brown, Bubble Blue, Marina Blue, Aubergine, Lovely Pink, Red kiss, Fruity Orange, Blush, Sunny Yellow, Apple Green and Green Golf