Giraffe Gifts

Wilmslow Stationery Supplies

Wilmslow Stationery Supplies

1 hoover

3 tins of polish

6 gift ranges

9 stands

10 litres of paint

120 files

525 notebooks

600 card designs

And more pens than you can shake a stick at …

sustained by many bacon butties and gallons of coffee…

We were a little busy in our New Wilmslow Shop over the last lockdown! If you’re in the Wilmslow area then do pop in and pay us a visit because if you like our website, then you’ll love our shop!

Brands include Maped Helix, STABILO, Leuchtturm, Pilot Pen, Pentel, Premier Stationery, Eco Eco, Eco Chic, East of India, Flametree, Legami, Dandelion Stationery, The Art File,

Earlybird Publishing, Zebra pen and many more.


Stationery Supplies Wilmslow Ltd

57 Chapel Lane

Wilmslow SK9 5JH 

Pastel Stationery stand in Wilmslow Stationery Supplies, Cheshire.
pen stands Maped Helix, Stabilo, Zebra in Stationery Supplies Wilmslow
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