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Do You Sell Really Good Pencil Sharpeners?

“do you sell really good pencil sharpeners?”

I’m often asked this question, and you’d think the answer would be

“Of course”

I mean why would I sell rubbish pencil sharpeners?

However I usually ask what pencil they are sharpening.

Because to get a good point on your pencil, you need a good pencil to start with.

The best sharpener in the world won’t sharpen those 50 pencils you bought for £1.

let’s pay some respect to the humble pencil that we all learnt to write with. And stop buying cheap, rubbish ones then blaming the poor sharpener!

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Blog Image Giraffe Gifts, Marple, Cheshire.
Blog Image Giraffe Gifts, Marple, Cheshire.
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